Theme & Slogan
We Are The Future

2016 was start of Kabul Model United Nations with a clear goal: a goal to start something new and big and we successfully made it; it went off to pave a way, a way of change and set a path for others to follow.

2016’s “A chance for Change” was indeed a lifetime opportunity for us to change the being and position of youths in a post-conflict society and our vision and trust in a future that will be in hand of youths. Though the participation of youth in decision-making positions benefits all citizens and help the country reach the goals faster and better, but they have been systematically marginalized because of their age, limited opportunities, race, network and projected lack of experience. However, we were successful in the act of mobilizing youth activities and establishing youth’s place among the leads and decision-makings.

Despite that youth often play central and catalyzing roles in modern movements for democracy around the world, but it is an undeniable fact that they are less engaged than older generations. These realities have prompted the Kabul Model United Nations to systematically study this lack of equal participation of youth in the decision-making process and to devise the means to train them as future leaders and advocates of human rights.

Today, our journey of 3 years and 3 annual conferences, building a network of 2000 youth elites across the region and Afghanistan, enabled us come so far with successfully empowered youths and deliver elites to the society to represent youths in different sectors. We are proudly conducting this conference with a slogan, “We Are The Future”.