Safety Guide

Your safety is very important for the Kabul Model United Nations; therefore, we encourage everyone to consider safety issues in and around the Conference venue. We highly recommend you to follow the guidance mentioned bellow to stay safe during the Conference.

Before the Conference:

  1. Always have the original of you; National ID, Passport or Driving License.
  2. Consider a safe transportation to the Conference; your car or accompany will not be allowed to enter the Conference venue / area.
  3. Do not bring any unnecessary electronic devices/items inside to the Conference.
  4. Make sure that someone at your home/office knows your specific schedule during the Conference.

At the Conference:

  1. Do not leave the venue of the Conference without getting permission from the Kabul MUN’s team.
  2. Always let your Chair/Co-Chair know where you are going prior to leaving the Conference venue.
  3. Report any suspicious activity in or around the Conference venue to the Kabul MUN’s team or venue’s staff.
  4. During the Conference, wear your ID Card at all times.

After the Conference:

  1. Consider your transportation prior leaving the Conference venue, if possible.
  2. Females are HIGHLY recommended to not leave the Conference alone; always travel with at least one person you know.
  3. Always remove your ID Card prior to leaving the Conference venue.
  4. Inform one of the team member of Kabul MUN immediately if you have a safety concern, or if any emergency situation happens to you or another delegate, regardless of the time.