Terms & Conditions

By registering, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All delegates must register individually / as a part of a delegation to attend Kabul MUN.
  2. The delegation fee is NON-REFUNDABLE with no exceptions.
  3. Only the delegates who participate the conference completely, will be given a certificate.
  4. The delegates who didn’t get their Certificate of Participation at the day of distribution, they can get it within 30 days after the Conference; after 30 days Kabul MUN will not provide any certificate, neither in hard nor in soft.
  5. The best delegates will be selected by the Chair & Co-Chair of the committees.
  6. The following delegates will be barred permanently and will be asked to leave the conference:
  1. Damage to the venue and venue properties will be prosecuted: all charges for damage will be assessed to the responsible delegates.
  2. The delegates are reminded to at all times be respectful of the venue’s other guests, and to exhibit decorum outside of committee as well as inside.

Privacy and Intellectual Property:

  1. Kabul MUN reserves the right to utilize photos and videos of the delegates from the Conference for official proposes at any time without limitations. Photos submitted to registration form, excludes this right.
  2. Kabul MUN reserves the right to update and change information on the official website, conference program and social media without further notice.