Delegates’ Preparation

Preparation for Delegation
During your research, you will learn that there are many available sources to help you with your research. Though it may look overwhelming to find all the information about your country, committee and the topics, there are ample sources that makes the process easy and provide several areas of research, such as Politics, Governance, Economy, Society and so on.

Below are a few areas that are advised to be covered during research for MUN.

  1. Researching the United Nations
  2. Researching Model United Nations
  3. Researching Committee
  4. Researching on assigned Delegation
  5. Researching Topics
  6. Learning Rules of Procedures
  7. Watching online videos of MUNs
  8. Visiting websites
You will need to know the following:

Name of your assigned country;
Capital city of your assigned country;
In which continent does it locate?
Official language/languages.


  1. Is your country independent? If yes, since when?
  2. What is the form of the government?
  3. Who is head of the Government?
  4. Is the current political regime stable?
  5. Is/was your assigned country a colony or a colonizer?
  6. Who are current ruling parties in the assigned country?
  7. Does religion influence politics in the assigned country?
  8. What are the major events that happened in last five years?


  1. GDP of the assigned country?
  2. What are the major imports of your assigned country?
  3. What are the major exports of your assigned country?
  4. Is your assigned country affiliated to economic organizations?
  5. What are your assigned country’s natural resources?
  6. What is the unemployment rate in your assigned country?


  1. Does your assigned country have an independent military?
  2. Who are your assigned country’s allies?
  3. Is your assigned country a nuclear power?
  4. How is your assigned country’s relationship with Nuclear Powers?
  5. Is your assigned country affiliated to military organizations?
  6. Is your assigned country in war / in danger of war? If yes, who are involved in war?

Geography and Culture:

  1. How much area does your assigned country cover?
  2. Is your assigned country coastline or landlocked? If landlocked, to what part of the international waters is it situated the nearest?
  3. Who are your bordering countries?
  4. How much is the population of your assigned country?
  5. Which groups make the major ethnicities?
  6. What is the poverty rate?
  7. What is the literacy rate?
  8. What are the major religions?


  1. What is the main source for energy consumption in your assigned country?
  2. Does your assigned country over-use natural resources?
  3. Is your assigned country affiliated with environmental organizations?
  4. How much does your assigned country recycle?
  5. Are there usable alternative energy sources available?


  1. When did your assigned country joined the United Nations?
  2. Is it a member of the Security Council?
  3. Is it regular member of ECOSOC?

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