About Kabul MUN
Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is a simulation of the UN multilateral bodies, which introduces delegates to the world of global diplomacy and negotiation. In MUN, participants act as representatives of different countries or as delegates of UN member states to discuss global issues and set forth agendas. The participants, better known as “delegates” in Model UN, prepare draft resolutions, plot strategies, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the UN’s Rules of Procedures all in the interest of mobilizing “international cooperation” to resolve problems that affect almost every country on Earth.

MUN is the best possible platform provided to the youth to come forward and offer their ideas on how to solve the problems of the world and build a better future. MUN is also a podium for developing communication, negotiation and diplomatic skills through its participation. Moreover, the participants participating in MUN acquire incredible experience of associating themselves with people from different countries.

MUN exposes participants to the details of diplomacy at an early age. It is a platform for future professionals to analyze diplomatic issues from a close proximity. An MUN conference teaches participants research, public speaking, debating, teamwork, leadership and writing skills. Participants learn to respect the opinions of others, even if they find it different from their own. Moreover, the skills of balancing power, matching diverse interests and managing peaceful negotiations are assets of an essential successful diplomat that the participants will learn from this conference. In addition, participants internalize what they have been taught in classrooms and project their ideas in the forms of speeches, caucuses and resolutions.

Kabul Model United Nations (Kabul MUN) was established in 2016 by Mohammad Yahya Qanie and a group of intellectual Afghan young leaders in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Kabul MUN is the largest world-class Model United Nations conference organizer in Afghanistan which hosts Model UN conferences by bringing together young leaders from across Afghanistan and all over the world. The conference gives an opportunity for young leaders and young diplomats to practice diplomacy and exchange views on current global issues. Each Delegate will be assigned to represent a member-state of the United Nations. This conference will be a great opportunity for the participants to not only experience diplomacy by engaging in debates and negotiations, but also to learn about the United Nations’ works.

The whole session will be conducted according to the Rules of Procedures of the Harvard Model United Nations. A Dias including Chair with the help of Co-chair will conduct the sessions. We want the Kabul MUN to be a platform where, the delegates can use the best of their time; exchanging their ideas and perspectives with each other. Hence, Kabul MUN highly encourages participants to take part in this conference and use from the great opportunities that the conference provides to them.

The First Edition of Kabul MUN was held on 3rd and 4th November, 2016 at the Kabul Serena Hotel. We welcomed 200 participants, including delegates, committee staff members, international press members, and our keynote speakers; DSRSG Mrs. Kardel from UN, Deputy Head of EU Mr. Cunningham and Deputy Minister Mrs. Spoghmai from Ministry of Women Affaires. Kabul MUN 2016 was held with the slogan “A Chance for Change” in four committees; UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, UN Human Rights Council and UN Women.

The Second Edition of Kabul MUN conference, held on November 16th – 17th – 18th, 2017 at the Karwan University. In 2017, we hosted 300 participants from across Afghanistan and our Executive Board from the region. With the slogan “Shaping the Future”, Kabul MUN 2017 was held in eight committees; UN Security Council, UN Development Programme, UN Commission on Women Status, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Group 20, the National Assembly, Crisis Committee and International Press with an immense focus on SDGs. In 2017, Kabul MUN published the first ever professional Model UN guide in Afghanistan to help the participants get prepared.