Kabul MUN 2016
  • Mohammad Yahya Qanie, President
    Sumaya Islam, Director of Committee Management
    Nargis Baran, Director of Public Relations
    Habib Kabir Raufi, Director of Logistics
    Arezo Rahimi, Director of Finance
    Ehsan Alizad, Director of IT
    Farahzib Miri, Director of Delegates Affaires
    Wahab Quraishi, Editor-in-chief
    Zarlasht Wali, Assistant-Director for Marketing and Sponsorship
    Bahara Amini, Assistant-Director for Marketing and Sponsorship
    Mahdia Rasuly, Assistant-Director for Marketing and Sponsorship
    Tamim Totakhil, Assistant-Director for Marketing and Sponsorship
    Noman Haidari, Assistant-Director for Marketing and Sponsorship
    Mustafa Khaliqi, Assistant-Director for Marketing and Sponsorship
    Zakia Bakhtari, Assistant-Director for Marketing and Sponsorship
    Sadaf Tahib, Assistant-Director for Training Management
    Yousef Elham Sediqi, Assistant-Director for Logistics
    Shafaq Noorzad, Assistant-Director of Public Relations
    Maiwand Khan, Assistant-Director of Public Relations
    Azada Delawar, Assistant-Director of Public Relations
    Behina Zadmeher, Assistant-Director of Public Relations
    Roohafza Zarabi, Office-Assistant

    Nasir Faizy, Photographer
    Pariwash Guhari, Photographer

  • Sanzar Kakar – UNSC Chair
    Laila Abawi – UNSC Co-Chair
    Zaheer Noori – UNSC Rapporteur
    Rauf Merzaie – UNGA Chair
    Jawad Fidayee – UNGA Co-Chair
    Abid Qayumi – UNGA Rapporteur
    Samim Nazari – UNHRC Chair
    Ghazia Popalzai – UNHRC Co-Chair
    Arezo Farhad – UNW Chair
    Mahbob Omary – UNW Co-Chair
    Wahab Quraishi – UNW Rapporteur
  • United Nations General Assembly
    Topic: Use of fully autonomous weapons, lethal autonomous robots and drones in armed conflicts.
    United Nations Security Council
    Topic: Situation in the Middle East
    United Nations Human Rights Council
    Topic: Post conflict rehabilitation of refugees from Syria and Iraq
    United Nations Women
    Topic: Gender Empowerment through youth engagement in post conflict situations
  • Ms. Pernille Dahler Kardel, United Nations Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan
    Mr. George Cunningham, Deputy Head of the European Union to Afghanistan
    Ms. Spoghmai Wardak, Deputy Minister of Women Affairs
  • Kabul Serena Hotel

  • UNSC Best Delegate – Fahim Ahmad
    UNSC Honorable Mention Delegate – Mohammad Anil Qasemi

    UNGA Best Delegate – Nasar Ahmad Naseri
    UNGA Honorable Mention Delegate – Shekiba Farhat Hussaini

    UNHRC Best Delegate – Pason Safi
    UNHRC Honorable Mention Delegate – Imran Nasseri

    UNW Best Delegate – Nargis Ehsan
    UNW Honorable Mention Delegate – Masseh Delir

  • Kabul Serena Hotel – Platinum Sponsor
    The First MicroFinance Bank – Golden Sponsor
    Rosenstock Legal Services – Golden Sponsor
    Afghanistan Holding Group – Silver Sponsor
    Afghanistan Center for Excellence – Silver Sponsor
    Afghanistan Monitoring & Research – Bronze Sponsor
    Elitech – Bronze Sponsor
    iGraphics – Bronze Sponsor

  • Kabul MUN 2016 had partnership with two international MUN organizers for exchanging delegates between the partners. Delhi International Model United Nations, which was the biggest Asian MUN organized with 2100 delegates held in Delhi, India for two days.

    Our second partner for Kabul MUN 2016 was Rome Model United Nations, the biggest MUN in Europe with almost 2000 delegates from all around the world. Based on our partnership, Kabul MUN sent its delegates to Rome, Italy on March 2017 and will be welcoming their delegates in our upcoming conference.