Awards Policy
Awards’ Policy
The goal of being a delegate at Kabul Model United Nations is to come away with a better understanding of the problems facing the world today and how these problems can be solved. we hope that delegates leave the conference as better informed global citizens who are better able to engage others in conversations about important world issues than when they first arrived. Though awards are certainly not the focus of the simulation, we do feel that certain delegates deserve to be singled out for exceptional diplomatic work in a committee.
Keep in mind that awards are not given based on a point system or based on which delegates write the resolution that gets the most votes; rather, awards are decided by the Executive Board based on a holistic view of delegates’ performance in all aspects. While you should be honored if you receive an award, don’t panic if you don’t – most chairs wish they had more awards to give out than they actually do, and awards are mostly symbolic.

Here are the criteria that are used by Executive Board in evaluating delegates:

Position Paper
– Did the delegate submit a position paper on time?
– Did that position paper meet the Kabul MUN requirements?

Quantity of contribution
– Was the delegate active throughout debate?
– Did the delegate sponsor resolutions?
– Did the delegate regularly ask questions and make speeches?

Quality of contribution
– Did the delegate make substantive, relevant comments throughout debate or did s/he just repeat previous points?
– Did the dele­gate come to committee prepared and ready to discuss the topic?
– Did s/he use specific facts and examples when making speeches?

– Was the delegate familiar with the position of the country s/he was assigned?
– Did the delegate stay faithful to that position throughout the conference?
– Did the delegate systematically act in the best interest of his/her country?

– Did the delegate work well with other members of the com­mittee?
– Was s/he respectful throughout the conference?
– Did s/he make a positive contribution to the atmosphere of the committee?

– Does the delegate maintain professional behavior at all times, towards other delegates, the hotel stuff, the volunteers, the Executive Board, and the Secretariat?
– Did the delegates used cellphone, laptop, tablet and other electronic devices during the session, unlike the terms and conditions?
– Did the delegate dress formally in full suits?

– Passing notes are strictly for conference related purposes, delegates passing notes containing any­thing not within the scope of Kabul MUN is prohibited.
– Taking pictures or video recordings of other delegates without their consent is prohibited as per the Kabul MUN’s policies.

Best Delegate
Honorable Mention Delegate
Best Position Paper